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Famium - Privacy Policy

Published: 23/03/2021

Famium cares about your privacy. For this reason, we only collect information that is necessary in order for us to deliver services.

What information we collect, how we use it, and why we collect it

Famium collects user information at sign up or at checkout. This information may include your name, email, IP address, and your Instagram username.

The purpose of this information is to allow us to process and deliver services purchased by users, and to ensure a seamless user experience.

Under no circumstances is this data or information disclosed, sold or shared with any third-party. Our site employs a variety of safeguards to protect against theft of information.

Payments made via Famium, via PayPal or credit cards, are processed by respective secured payment gateways.

For users that have an account with us, we may store partial payment information which is limited to the type of card, the last four digits of the card and the name. However, we do not store other details required to make a successful purchase - which require manual input by user at checkout when signed-in.

Information collected by Famium is used by Famium in order to enhance our site experience, and to prevent potential fraud/theft or illegal activities within our site.

How you can access, modify or delete your information

In order to modify your account details, please login to your dashboard and navigate to account settings. Therein you can modify your account details.

Should you wish for us to delete your account along with all your information from our servers, you will find delete account option once logged in.

We truly believe in minimal data collection, for this reason, we store data only which is absolutely necessary in order for you to have a seamless user-experience.

Communicating with you

We may contact you directly, or via third-party via e-mail that you use upon registration or at checkout. Your email is used by Famium in order to deliver you transactional emails, for example: your order invoice, your order status and your order progress emails.

From time to time you may receive promotional emails from Famium which you may choose to opt out from.

Cookies, advertisements and similar technologies

Famium utilizes Google Analytics and Google Ads in order to improve user experience at our website. The information collected via Google Analytics allows us to better serve our customers, however, this data is randomized and we do not have access to track individual users or IP addresses via Google Analytics or Advertisement.

Google Analytics & Ads utilize cookie technology in order to provide data to websites. However, please note, this information is stored securely by Google, and the website (Famium) does not have access to your IP, your individual data or activity.

In order to ensure a seamless user experience Famium may store cookies in your browser to remember your logged in state, allowing you to navigate and checkout faster with Famium.

Contact Us

If you have any questions please free to contact us at support (at) famium (dot) co