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How to Memorialize an Instagram Account (Add 'Remembering' to Profile)

Pooja Sol
How to Memorialize an Instagram Account
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There are a number of reasons you might want to memorialize an Instagram account. Maybe you've lost a loved one and want to create a place to share and keep their memory alive. Or perhaps you are looking to get a deceased loved one's account limited from any further interactions like comments, likes, and messages.


Whatever the reason, Instagram offers a way to memorialize a deceased person's account. Memorial accounts have certain features and limitations that separate them from regular Instagram profiles. Let's discuss all there is to know about memorialized accounts in this blog.


How does an Instagram account get memorialized?

Example of a Memorialized Instagram Account (
Example of a Memorialized Instagram Account ('Remembering')

Whether you are looking to request memorialization for a family member or a loved one's Instagram account, the process is simple and clear.

To request a memorialization of an account:

1) Go to Instagram’s Memorialization Request page.

2) Select “Memorialization request for a deceased person.”

3) Enter the name, email address, and username of the account you would like to memorialize.

4) Upload proof that you have permission from the account holder (or their estate) to make this request. This can be in the form of a death certificate or proof of relationship to the account holder. You may also attach a link to an obituary or news article confirming the deceased person's name.

5) Submit your memorialization request.


Once you submit the request, it will be reviewed by Instagram and, if approved, the word “Remembering” will be added to the profile name.


In order to ensure swift approval, be sure that the death certificate is clear, and mentions the exact date of death. It may be beneficial to also attach the deceased person's birth certificate to verify that you are related to the deceased person. You may also provide a link to an obituary, or a news article. Finally, there should be enough proof provided that you are the lawful representative of the deceased person.

What happens when you memorialize an Instagram account?

When you memorialize a loved one's Instagram account, a couple of things happen.


  • Within the bio, in place of the 'name' of the account, a text saying 'Remembering' appears.
  • The account will no longer be able to receive any likes or comments.
  • A special feature will be added, where when you tap on the 'remembering' text, a pop-up will appear mentioning that this Instagram username is memorialized.
  • A memorialized profile's photos and videos stay on Instagram and are visible to everyone.
  • The login information remains unchanged.
  • The current profile photo/profile picture remains unchanged.


It must be noted that memorializing a profile doesn't get the account deleted. It is still searchable on the IG app or online via the IG website. All the posts shared on the profile will be visible to the audience as well.

How do you get Instagram to say 'remembering'?

Once you memorialize an account on Instagram, the word “Remembering” will be added automatically to the profile name. This serves as a tribute to the deceased person's Instagram account and also helps indicate that this is a special memorial page and that the person associated with this account is no longer alive.


Memorializing an Insta page is a way to honor and remember our loved ones - whether it's an immediate family member or a close friend.

What is the 'remembering' status on Instagram?

Example of
Example of 'Remembering' Status on Instagram (Memorialized Account)

When an account is memorialized, the word “Remembering” is added to the profile name as a way to honor and remember the deceased or former user of the account. It also helps indicate that this is a special memorial page.

Can I memorialize my own account?

No, you cannot memorialize your own Instagram profile. Memorialization is only available for accounts of deceased or former users who are no longer able to manage their accounts themselves. If you would like to delete your account and preserve your photos and memories, please refer to Instagram's help page on how to do so.


Before you request a memorialized account, please consider the implications of doing so. Memorialization is permanent and cannot be undone once it has been approved. You should also consider that, while the memorialized profile will be preserved, it is still public and can be viewed by anyone with access to the profile.  For more information on memorializing an Instagram account, please refer to Instagram’s help page.


Wrongfully memorializing an account may break your local law, and result in punishment. Faking documents that showcase proof of death may result in imprisonment depending on your local law.

How do you delete a deceased person's memorialized Instagram account?

If you would like to permanently delete a memorialized Instagram account, please log into a memorialized Instagram profile via a desktop web browser, and request to delete the Instagram account via this form.


Once your request is reviewed and approved by Instagram, the memorialized profile will be permanently deleted from Instagram. As you delete the profile, you will have the option to download all the profile data, including photos and videos that the deceased person shared.


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Can you message a memorialized account of a deceased person on Instagram?

No, you cannot message a memorialized profile on Instagram. Memorial accounts are not maintained by the user and therefore all messaging capabilities have been disabled as they are not a traditional account. However, you can still post photos and videos to their profile as a way of leaving messages or expressing condolences.  


How do you recover a memorialized account?

How to Fix a Wrongfully Memorialized Instagram Account
How to Fix a Wrongfully Memorialized Instagram Account

If your Instagram account has been wrongfully memorialized, you can contact Instagram via their help center to restore it. You will need to provide proof of identity, such as a photo ID, or other documentation that proves your relationship with the profile. Once approved, Instagram will restore your profile and all associated content.

Why is my Instagram in a memorialized state?

It must be noted that certain bad actors have been able to wrongfully memorialize Instagram accounts in the past. There have been several cases of wrongful memorialization in the past, including a case where scammers were able to fool Meta and memorialize the account of Instagram's CEO, Adam Mosseri.


If you are a victim of wrongful memorialization and are locked out of your account, we suggest raising a ticket via IG's help center.


What happens to a deceased person's account on social media?

When a person passes away, their social media accounts will often remain active and visible to the public. Some platforms allow friends and family members to memorialize the account, provided that they are able to submit proof of death, and that it is a valid request.


Note, a deceased person's social media account cannot be inherited or transferred. Although, if approved, it can be memorialized.


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Examples of Memorialized Instagram Accounts

Here are three examples of IG accounts that are memorialized and have 'remembering' in their bio:

Cameron Mica Boyce

Example of a Memorialized Instagram Profile
Example of a Memorialized Instagram Profile

Cameron Mica Boyce was an American actor best known for his roles in Disney productions such as Jessie, Descendants, and The Bold and the Beautiful.

Choi Jin-Ri

Example of a Memorialized Instagram Profile
Example of a Memorialized Instagram Profile

Choi Jin-ri, better known by her stage name Sulli, was a South Korean actress, singer, and model.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Example of a Memorialized Instagram Profile
Example of a Memorialized Instagram Profile

Sushant Singh Rajput was an Indian actor and dancer.



In conclusion, memorializing an Instagram profile of a deceased person is an important way to pay respect and honor the life they lived. Getting an account memorialized is a straightforward process, and can be done so via Meta's help center. Memorializing a profile is a great way to keep your deceased loved one's memory alive.

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