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90+ BEST Diwali Captions for Instagram (Festival of Lights)

Pooja Sol
Diwali Captions for Instagram
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Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is one of India’s most beloved and culturally significant holidays. It's a time when the whole nation comes together to celebrate joy and happiness with family and friends.


The best part about Diwali is creating beautiful memories with your loved ones, gifting each other, bursting colorful crackers, sharing sweet treats, and best of all, creating amazing Instagram posts!


In today's blog, we have a list of over 90+ super engaging, fun, and inspiring captions for the festival of lights!


Diwali Captions for Instagram

Best Diwali Captions for Instagram


Let's begin with some of our favorite Diwali captions for Instagram!

  • 🎆 Wishing you a Diwali filled with fun, joy, and loads of happiness!
  • 🤩 Bow Down to The Lights Of Diwali!
  • 🔥 Make This Festive Season Sparklier Than Ever!
  • 💞 Spreading Love and Cheer this Diwali season!
  • 💃 Diwali Vibes All Around!
  • 💯 This Diwali Let Us Celebrate A Bright Future Ahead
  • 🧨 Bursting With Joy This Diwali Season
  • 👏 Celebrating Togetherness This Festival Of Lights
  • ✨ Diwali Ka Tyohaar Hai Aur Ujalo Ki Barsaat Hai
  • 🤗 Let The Festival Of Lights Come and Take Away The Darkness From Our Lives
  • 🎉 Let The Lights Of Diwali Remove All Your Stress & Worries
  • 😝 Sweets, Lights, and Fireworks - The Perfect Combo For A Joyous Diwali
  • 🤩Let The Firecrackers Remind You That Life Is Full Of Surprises!
  • 🎆 Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Sparkling Diwali!
  • 🎉 Bright Lights, Joyful Spirit and Ethnic Wear? Must be Diwali!
  • ✨ Obligatory Diwali Pose! Check!
  • 💃 Glowing Lights, Positive Vibes, and Joyous Moments? Hi Diwali!


Rangoli Captions for Instagram

Rangoli Captions for Instagram


There is no better way to invite blessings to your household than by creating a beautiful rangoli! Here are some awesome captions for Instagram to go with your rangoli posts!

  • 🤩 Creating Vibrant Rangoli Designs To Add Color To Our Lives
  • ✨ Bringing In The Festive of Joy With Colorful Rangolis!
  • 🎆 Making Memories With Beautiful Rangoli Creation This Diwali Season
  • 💃 Let’s Fill Our Homes With Vibrant Colors For Diwali
  • 🤗 Celebrating the Festive Wonders with a Bright & Colourful Rangoli
  • 🔥 Spreading Cheer With Brilliant Rangoli Designs
  • ❤️ A Way Of Expressing Love & Bond Through Art This Diwali
  • 👏 Sharing Love And Happiness Through Colorful Masterpieces This Diwali!
  • 🥳 Sparkling Wishes Of Fun, Joy, and Prosperity Filled All Around!
  • 🤣 This Diwali Let’s Make Our Lives as Colorful as A Rangoli
  • 🎆 May all Your Diwali Pictures be As Colorful as My Rangoli!
  • 🥳 It's Diwali Night! Time to Bring Out the Artist in Me!


Happy Diwali Wishes for Instagram

Wish a very happy and blessed Diwali to your family and friends with these captions!

  • 🤩 Wishing You & Your Family A Happy Diwali!
  • 🎆 May This Diwali Bring Joy, Happiness & Prosperity To All
  • 👏 Let's Celebrate The Victory Of Good Over Evil On This Special Day
  • ✨ Fill Your Life With Glittering Lights & Smiles For Diwali
  • 💃 Wishing You All The Joy, Wealth, And Happiness On This Festive Celebration
  • 🔥 Bringing Brightness Into Your Home As We Celebrate Diwali Together
  • ❤️ Let Love Brighten Up Our Hearts For A Beautiful Festival Of Diwali
  • 💞 Wishing Everyone A Very Safe And Eco-Friendly Diwali!
  • 🥳 Warm Greetings For A Fun Filled and Festive Celebration This Year!
  • ❤️ May Lord Ganesh Ease All Your Troubles & Bless You Abundantly For A Wonderful Diwali!
  • 👏Let The Diya of Love & Prosperity Glow In Every Home This Diwali
  • 😃 Diwali has always been my favorite festival, it brings so much happiness and joy! Very happy Diwali everyone! 🎉
  • 🎊 Diwali is here and I couldn't be happier! Wishing you all a very happy Diwali 🕉️
  • 💥 Let's celebrate the festival of lights and spread happiness! Happy Diwali! 🕉️
  • 🎊 Wishing you all a happy Diwali filled with joy, laughter, and lots of lights 🎉
  • 🎉 Happy Diwali to everyone! Let's spread happiness and light up the world 💥🕉️
  • 🎆 May the Bright Lights of Diwali Scare Away all the Evil from our lives!



Funny Diwali Caption for Instagram

Funny Diwali Captions for Instagram


Looking for fun and cheerful Diwali captions? Here you go!

  • 😆 Diwali Without Crackers Is Like Biryani Without Masala
  • 🙃 Sending You A Cuddly Diya That Will Lighten Up Your Life With Inconceivable Joy
  • 🤗 Diwali Wishes… it’s All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Burned 😬
  • 🤪 Bursting Crackers Is My Stress Buster
  • 🎊 My One Wish For Diwali - To Get My Dad's Car Key Without Any Drama 👀
  • �� Diwali Is Here So Let’s Lighten Up Our Lives With Explosive Jokes!
  • 😅 What Did the Rich Man Name His Fully Decorated House During Diwali? Flash Mansion😆
  • 😄 Light Some Crackers And Spread Those Good Vibes Around This Festival
  • 🎊 Bringing the light to my feed with these beautiful Diwali Photos!


Diwali Ethnic Wear Captions for Instagram


Celebrating Diwali with ethnic wear? Here are some captions to go with your Diwali posts!

  • 👏 It's Time To Spoil Yourself With Attires Fit For A Royal Festival😋
  • ☺️ Let's Make This Festive Season Even Merrier - Get Dressed Up For Diwali!
  • 😝 May You Find Happiness and Achhe Dresses This Festival Of Lights🥳
  • ❤️ Let's Celebrate The Joy Of Diwali With Traditional Attire!
  • 👏 It's Time To Pamper Yourself With Trendy Festive Wear😋
  • ☺️ The Right Clothes Will Make You Feel Like A King/Queen On This Special Occasion🥳
  • 😝 Put Your Chic Outfit On Display & May Good Things Come Your Way!
  • 💃 It's Time To Replace Those Formal Dresses With Something Fabulous & Ethnic!
  • 🎊 Put On That Rich Cultural Attire And Light Up The Room With It💥
  • ☺️ I'm Ready To Make Some Memories This Festive Season - Who's Coming With Me?🥳
  • 💃 Ready for my Diwali Dance with my Ethnic Diwali Attire!


Diya Captions for Diwali

Diya Captions for Instagram


Let's brighten up our days and our house with some super cute diya captions for Instagram!

  • 💃 Let's Brighten Up Diwali By Lighting Our Homes With Diyas!
  • 🤩 It's Time To Illuminate The Festival Of Lights & Celebrate Our Traditions✨
  • 😊 Light Up The Sky, Light Up The World - Let’s Spread Happiness On This Joyous Occasion🌟
  • ❤️ Something Magical Happens When You Lengthen The Distance Between Yourself & Darkness
  • 😆 Let These Special Moments Last Forever As We Light Diyas This Diwali💥
  • 🎊 Beauty Is Everywhere Whenever You Look At A Glowing Diya💫
  • 👏 May Every Room In Your House Shine Brightly With Love and Happiness😋
  • ☺️ It's Sometimes In The Simplest Things That We Find Joy & Contentment🥳
  • 😝 Immortalizing These Moments For Generations To Come - Happy Diwali Everyone!✨
  • 🔥 Embrace Everything Beautiful Around Us And Let Us Celebrate This Festival Together👌
  • 🎆Celebrate The Most Joyous Festival By Lighting Up Your Lives With Diwali!!!
  • ☺️A Beautiful Occasion To Spend Quality Time With Our Loved Ones💥
  • 🤩Let's Illuminate This Festival Of Lights With Unconditional Love✨

Captions for Diwali Sweets


It's national mithai day! Let's sweeten up our captions for Diwali, shall we?

  • 🤩 A Taste Of Tradition - Celebrate In Style With Yummy Diwali Sweets✨
  • ❤️ Making A Plate Full Of Traditional Sweets Is A Ritual We Love To Follow😉
  • 😆 'Cause There's Nothing Tastier Than Happiness Wrapped Up With Good Diwali Sweets💥
  • 🎊 The Aroma Of Freshly Baked Diwali Treats Is A Beautiful Thing 💫
  • 👏 Bring Out Your Inner Foodie During This Festive Season & Enjoy Some Sweets😋
  • ☺️ No One Can Refuse These Mouth-Watering Delicacies Especially On National Mithai Day🥳
  • 😝 Living Life, Sweet By Sweet - Happy Diwali Everyone!✨
  • 💃 There's No Better Way To Celebrate Than Eating Some Yummy Indian Mithais!
  • ❤️ Diwali Desserts Are An Important Part Of Our Festivities - Don't Skip Any😉
  • 😆 Grab Some Desi Mithai For An Unforgettable & Desirable Experience💥
  • 🎊 They May Look Small But They Pack Quite A Punch! Let’s Indulge!!💫
  • 😝 Savour These Sweet Moments As We Worship Our Religions!!!✨
  • 🔥 Let's All Come Together & Lift Our Spirits With These heavenly treats👌
  • 😝 May You Put on Lots of Weight this Diwali Festival!


Quotes for Diwali

Diwali Quotes for Instagram


We hope you have a joyous and blessed Diwali, everyone! Here are some quotes to celebrate the holy occasion.

  • 🤩 May These Lights Of Diwali Illuminate The Hopes Of Tomorrow And Banish All Your Fears.
  • ❤️ Let This Diwali Burn Away All Your Worries & Problems And Brighten Up Your Life With Joy and Happiness😉
  • 😆 As You Celebrate Diwali, Make Sure To Spend Time With Your Loved Ones And Cherish Their Precious Company💥
  • 🎊 May The Joy Of Diwali Fill Your Home With Happiness and Prosperity. Have A Prosperous Diwali! 💫
  • 👏 Let The Light Brighten Up Your Life As You Rejoice In This Beautiful Festival of Lights😋
  • ☺️ May The Festival Of Lights Illuminate Your Life With Happiness, Joy And Peace🥳
  • 😝 Light Up Diwali By Connecting To Your Inner Self - Wishing You A Very Happy Diwali!✨
  • 💃 Let These Sparkling Diyas Guide You Towards Success & Prosperity On This Auspicious Occasion🔥
  • ❤️ May The Divine Light Of Diwali Spread Into Your Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness And Good Health😉
  • 😆 Celebrate With Joyful Hearts As We Welcome Another Year Full Of Hope & Joy For All💥
  • 🎊 Wishing You A Very Happy Diwali - May This Festival Of Lights Bring You Closer To Your Goals✨
  • 👏 The Festive Season Is Here Again - Celebrate A Life Of Happiness & Joy😋
  • ☺️ On This Auspicious Occasion, Let Us Pray For Eternal Peace & Harmony In Our Lives🥳


Creative Diwali Captions for Instagram


A list of creative and beautiful Diwali captions? Yes, please!

  • 🤩 This Diwali, Let Us Have Some Fun & Create Unforgettable Memories Together!✨
  • ❤️ Celebrate Diwali Like A Pro - Spark Up The Night Sky With Some Fireworks😉
  • 😆 It's Time To Brighten Our Lives & Send Away Negativity As We Celebrate Diwali💥
  • 🎊 A Festival Of Lights, Sweets & Joy - Let's Get Ready To Celebrate Together 💫
  • 👏 Spread Some Positivity & Kindness This Diwali As We Welcome The New Year😋
  • ☺️ From Our Family To Yours - Wishing You A Very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year🥳
  • 😝 Connecting To The Divine - Let's Celebrate This Magical Festival With Gratitude✨
  • 💃 An Occasion Of Lights, Laughter, And Fun - Diwali Is Here Again!! 🔥
  • ❤️ We Light Up Not Just Diyas But Our Hearts Too As We Celebrate Diwali Together😉
  • 😆 Let's Spread Some Cheer With The Happiest Festival Of The Year - Happy Diwali!!💥
  • 🎊 Greet This New Year With Brightness & Joy - May Your Life Be Filled With Abundance✨
  • 🌿 Celebrating a sustainable and eco-friendly Green Diwali 🌿🎆
  • 💚 Let's spread the light while also spreading love to our planet with a Green Diwali


Short Diwali Captions for Instagram

Short Diwali Captions for Instagram


Alright, we know what you're looking for! Short and cool Diwali captions! Well, here you go!

  • 🤩 Time To Sparkle Up - Happy Diwali!✨
  • ❤️ Shining Brightly On A Special Night - Celebrate The Festival Of Lights😉
  • 😆 Wishing Everyone A Very Joyful & Prosperous Diwali💥
  • 🎊 May This Magical Occasion Bring You Happiness & Blessings 💫
  • 👏 Let's Light Some Diyas, Have Fun & Celebrate The Festival Of Lights Together😋
  • ☺️ From Our Home To Yours – Wishing You Lots Of Love & Good Luck On This Day🥳
  • 😝 Lighten Up With These Special Moments As We Celebrate Another Amazing Year✨
  • 💃 Spread Positivity & Spark Up The New Year With Joy - Diwali Is Here Again 🔥
  • ❤️ Celebrate This Special Occasion With Your Loved Ones - Have A Happy Diwali😉
  • 😆 Wishing Everyone An Incredible Diwali Filled With Fun, Joy & Happiness💥
  • 🎊 May You Get Blessed With Peace, Harmony & Abundance - Have A Wonderful Diwali✨


Aesthetic Diwali Captions for Instagram

Aesthetic Diwali Captions for Instagram


Bright sparkles turn the nights bright. Beautiful lights accompanied by warm wishes fill up our homes. It's a vibe! Let's get aesthetic with our captions for Diwali!

  • 🤩 Diwali Vibes - Sparkling & Bright✨
  • ❤️ Let's Light Up The Sky With Diyas & Celebrate The Festival Of Lights😉
  • 😆 Shine On, Sparkle Up And Get Ready To Celebrate This Magical Night 💥
  • 🎊 Wishing Everyone A Joyful & Memorable Diwali 💫
  • 👏 May The Gifting Season Bring You Abundance & Happiness - Happy Diwali!😋
  • ☺️ Welcome The New Year With Open Arms - Have A Blessed Diwali🥳
  • 😝 Filled With Positivity, Love & Laughter - See You At Our Houseparty Tonight✨
  • 💃 Step Into The New Year With A Bright Attitude - Celebrate Diwali In Style 🔥
  • ❤️ Connect To Your Inner Self On This Auspicious Day - Wishing You A Happy Diwali😉
  • 😆 Let's Light Up Our Lives & Send Away Negativity As We Welcome Diwali💥
  • 🎊 May Your Home Be Illuminated With Happiness & Joy - Have A Fantastic Diwali✨


One Word Diwali Captions for Instagram

One Word Diwali Captions for Instagram

Sometimes less is more! Here are some one-word captions for Diwali that you'll love!

  • 🤩 Sparkle ✨
  • ❤️ Illuminate😉
  • 😆 Diya💥
  • 🎊 Prosperity 💫
  • 👏 Happiness 😋
  • ☺️ Joyful 🥳
  • 😝 Celebrate✨
  • 💃 Brighten 🔥
  • ❤️ Connect😉
  • 😆 Laughter💥
  • 🎊 Blessings✨



Diwali is a bright and vibrant festival that celebrates the victory of light over darkness. As we come together to celebrate this special occasion, let us take a moment to reflect on what we are grateful for and spread love, joy, and positivity into the world.


Wishing everyone a very happy Diwali filled with lots of sparkle, laughter, blessings, and good fortune! 🤩✨


We hope you found one or more Diwali captions for your posts from our list above! 💫


Happy Diwali Celebrations! 💥🎉🌟

Pooja Sol
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